Physical rehabilitation is necessary for maintaining energy day-to-day, improving quality of life and for wellbeing. Endurance and strength training reduce the side effects and negative consequences that treatment can have and help to recover former endurance following treatment.

Ljósið employs a team of coaches, physical therapists, and exercise physiologists, who all have specialized knowledge in rehabilitating and training people diagnosed with cancer.

Everyone who registers for services receives a consultation with a physical therapist. The goal of the consultation is to evaluate the person’s status in their treatment process and begin physical rehabilitation in accordance with that. Personal consultation is provided with regard to health-related and social factors to activate and encourage exercise and training in line with clinical guidelines. The physical therapist also evaluates the need for specialized services due to the cancer or cancer treatment such as lymphedema and offers the appropriate course of treatment. The physical therapist also conducts health screening, for example endurance tests and blood pressure, pulse, and body composition measurements. The goals of the physical rehabilitation are recorded and a schedule is put together based on those goals. In continuation of the first consultation with a physical therapist, the patient attends a special training session with a physical therapist or exercise physiologist to prepare a training program in Ljósið’s exercise room. The coaching team oversees the physical rehabilitation through regular consultations and progress assessments with each individual. The physical rehabilitation needs due to cancer are evaluated in consultation with a team of Ljósið’s other specialists.


The exercise room is outfitted with first-class equipment for the rehabilitation of people who have been diagnosed with cancer. In order to utilize the room, individuals must have completed an initial consultation with a physical therapist as well as a follow-up training session and have created a training program. There are usually two coaches in the exercise room to instruct and assist.


We offer yoga, relaxation yoga, and chair workout classes (light, general exercises while seated/using a chair). Hiking groups, short and long hikes, are also available under the guidance of two coaches.

Special exercise classes are available for women following breast surgery, 2-4 weeks after surgery. The classes are closed and participants must undergo an individual assessment by a physical therapist in order to attend.