Frequently Asked Questions

All of Ljósið’s programming promotes the use of the surrounding environment and making people self-sufficient in their rehabilitation. This makes it easier for people to transfer what they learn at Ljósið over to their daily life.

In addition to the rehabilitation that Ljósið offers, we endeavour to disseminate articles, pictures, and videos online that can be of use to those diagnosed with cancer and their loved ones.


At Ljósið, rehabilitation is customized to each individual’s needs. It can consist of support, education, exercise, companionship, and much more. The main goal of rehabilitation is to promote improved mental and physical wellbeing, strengthen community involvement, reduce isolation, and maintain quality of life in spite of illness.


When people choose to start rehabilitation can depend on the individual, but it can begin as soon as the diagnosis has been made. Ljósið has gathered specialized professional knowledge as well as experience from those who have used our services to provide the appropriate support and education that can be utilized in the big task that an illness can be, resources to lighten the load.

Specialists oversee and supervise the rehabilitation process of each and every individual, which ensures that the individual receives the appropriate assistance based on the stage of their illness. An individualized program is created at the beginning of the services with the guidance of specialists that is revised as needed.

The rehabilitation program may include: maintaining function and improving wellbeing during treatment, building up the body and soul following treatment, and maintaining function and quality of life during long-term illness.
One-on-one consultations offer the opportunity to work through the experiences and feelings of those who are tackling a change of circumstances following illness. Everyone who uses Ljósið’s services attends a consultation, as stated above, with an occupational therapist and physical therapist, and consultations with psychologists, coaches, nutritionists, and family therapists are available if needed. There is also good collaboration with specialists from the National University Hospital of Iceland (Landspítalinn) who give educational talks at Ljósið as well.


All costs are kept to a minimum. Individual consultations, courses, education, screening, and physical rehabilitation sessions are free of charge. Arts and crafts classes have a materials fee. Beauty treatments and lunch have a minimal cost.


Experience shows that people may face a variety of issues following diagnosis and treatment, including emotional distress. Physical ailments such as edema (swelling), fatigue, and a decrease in activity can follow. We encourage our clients to work closely with their doctor and consult them about participation in rehabilitation.

Ljósið works to offer services based on research and experience. The services are conducted by healthcare professionals who prioritize improving clients’ physical and mental wellbeing. Therefore it is good to seek the assistance of trained professionals like those at Ljósið, who have knowledge and experience in the matter.


Physical rehabilitation can start as soon as a diagnosis has been made. Studies show that exercise has a positive impact on quality of life in general. The person diagnosed can come as soon as they feel up to it, for a consultation and check-up with one of Ljósið’s physical therapists, unless a doctor recommends otherwise. The necessary screening and endurance tests are carried out at Ljósið to evaluate the impact of treatment. Physical rehabilitation is necessary to maintain day-to-day energy, improve quality of life, and wellbeing. It reduces the side effects and negative impacts that treatment can have and helps to recover former endurance following treatment.


One’s daily routine can change significantly following cancer diagnosis. Some people need to stop working temporarily and in such cases it’s necessary to receive help organizing day-to-day life. Ljósið’s occupational therapists specialize in helping people set goals to improve their day-to-day functioning. Participation and function in activities that bring satisfaction and happiness can impact how we feel and think, in addition to increasing mental endurance.


Everyone 16 years of age and older can access the rehabilitation offerings immediately following diagnosis, regardless of their place of residence. Loved ones are also welcome and specialized resources are offered for relatives aged 5 and up.

Ljósið’s specialists evaluate the rehabilitation needs of each and every person, including the program length, in consultation with the client.