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Building resilience is a focus that can be found in almost all of Ljósið Cancer Rehabilitation’s program. We offer special courses on resiliance, touch on the subjects in many courses, and in addition you can find related tasks in physical rehabilitation, crafts and more.

Resilience is very important in life in general, but it can be argued that resilience is especially important when an individual is diagnosed with cancer and enters a process that is shrouded in uncertainty and fear.

In the fall of 2021 our occupational therapists attended the European Congress of Occupational Therapists, and their topic of discussion at the conference was resilience in cancer rehabilitation.

When it became clear that the conference would be digital, the occupational therapists decided to put together a presentation that would be informative but at the same time creative and fun. It would bring the conference guests a little bit of our center through the screen.

Please enjoy our short presentation below.

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